ZINC Companies

The ZINC brand involves a consortium of entities conducting in excess of $100MM in transactions annually, all involved in the private equity lending space. We are a licensed lender, not a broker; hence, we have our personal funds invested in the very space our investors consider.

ZINC's base return has exceeded 10% to investors since inception, with no investor ever losing any principal. Approaching $1 billion in lifetime funding, our record speaks volumes, which is why we are often looked at to headline speaking engagements on private equity lending in the distressed asset lending space.

Our employees are some of the longest tenured in the business and are dedicated to our trade.

I cannot think of an occupation that I would rather be doing than this -
I am simply passionate about ZINC and its platforms.

Todd Pigott

ZINC Financial, Inc - Private Money Lending

ZINC Financial - Originates private money business purpose loans to individuals in the real estate rehab & resale business. With several hundred million dollars in loans & a loss ratio of less than 1/4%, this area of lending continues to scale in growth.

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ZINC Realty, Inc - Private Equity Purchases, Rehabs and Resells

ZINC Realty - Our in house private equity division that purchases, rehabs & resells a property on an average of once per week with our Joint Venture Partners. Our finished properties often have waiting lists & we are considered one of the premier rehabbers in California. ZINC participates in an equity profit split with our joint venture partners, rewarding each party for their contributions.

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ZINC Investing, Inc.

ZINC Investing - Our portal for both current and potential investors allows individuals to acquire information about investment opportunities, review their personal portfolios online, register for upcoming opportunities and join our newsletter amongst other great informational topics. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars of privately acquired capital without ever losing a single penny in principal. We invite current and prospective investors to our site to review ZINC in depth and learn about out private money deployment objectives.

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ZINC Auto Finance, Inc - Private Lender that purchases RISC contracts

ZINC Auto Finance - A private equity indirect lender that purchases R.I.S.C. (Retail Installment Sales Contracts) from independent & franchised car dealers throughout California. We focus on trade line history & invisible credit spectrums rather than FICO, allowing us to acquire performing receivable contracts with up to 23% APR while maintaining critical underwriting criteria. Backed by an $8 billion dollar credit facility, ZINC’s growth in this arena continues at a swift pace.

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Blast & Brew Self Service Taproom

Well, what can we say? Yes, we even invest in beer. Our Blast & Brew is a state of the art self-service taproom located in Clovis, California. Considered a connoisseur's delight for beer tasting, this new establishment has a near cult following for the latest and greatest in beer for the discerning taste buds. Personal crafted pizzas and fresh salads compliment the atmosphere of rich woods, vibrant moods and an overall lively feeling.

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